Prof.Unger and PD.Kubek visit FITM at Prachin buri campus for follow-up on progess of research and planning for the Lab

ICNGC 2019 with Asst.Prof.Dr.Maleerat Maliyaem (Local chair of the conference) in Chiangmai Thailand

ICCASA 2019 with Assoc.Prof.Dr.Phayung Meesad (Chair of the conference) in Hochiminh city (Saigon) Vietnam

November, Prof.Dr.-ing habil. Herwig Unger recieved
Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Information Techonology from KMUTNB.

5 Guests from Kmutnb joined the international conference Automonous Sytstem in Cala Millor De Mallorca, Spain

3 guest professors and a binational ph.d candidate from Thailand visit Fern University

Visiting FITM on August (Discussion and follow-up on progress )

Regulary visiting IT and FITM

Ic2it & NCCIT internation conference in Bangkok Thailand

Internship student from the Faculty of Industrial Technology and Management (FITM)
Mr.Yanakorn Ruansuk works with KN Department FernUni Hagen Germany for 2 months from May- June 2019

June, NLPIR international conference in Tokushima Japan

KMUTNB's Exhibition & Open house MOU Booth : KMUTNB-FERNUNI cooperation

May - June 2019
5 Researchers visit FernUni

May 2019
NLIR Sattahip Thailand; Student seminar and workshop

2019 March
Dr.Sunantha Sodsee and Dr.Matheyanin Khomkao Joined the Complex Structures Conference at Cala millor de Mallorca

60 KMUTNB's Birthday

8-9 May 2019
Visiting KMUTNB Prachinburi Campus Prof.Herwig Unger discussions with Assoc.Prof.Dr.Anirach Mingkuan dean of Faculty of Industrial Technology and Management

3 Internship students from CIS They work with KN Department FernUni Hagen Germany for 3 months from January - March 2019