28th February "Title examination" of Mr.Nirach Romyen (PhD.student of IT)

Prof.Herwig Unger , Assoc.Prof.Phayung Meesad (Dean) and Asst.Prof.Maleerat Maliyeam examined his research plan. 

Mr.Nirach Romyen (PhD.student of IT)

He will be the next student in Thai-German binational PhD program.

Ms.Sureeporn Nualnim (PhD.student of IT)

She will be the next student in Thai-German binational PhD program.

Mr.Yanakorn Ruansuk and Mr.Withawin

The 4 th year student of I the Faculty of Industrial Technology and Management (FITM).

They present their work. “The final demonstration result of the first prototype of “Thai Medical Recommendation Using Co-occurrence Graph.”to Prof.Herwig Unger 

Mr. Supat Chuer-arsa and Ms.Siriruk Buranapas

Internship students candidate from FITM . They are planing to works with KN Department FernUni Hagen Germany for 2 months from May- June 2020

Prof.Unger visits Dr.Georg Veweyen(Director of DAAD Thailand)

Prof.Unger discusses with Assoc.Prof.Anirach and Asst.Prof.Dr.Akara Prayote about the CreativeLabs in FITM Campus Prachinburi

The 61st anniversary celebration of KMUTNB on Feb. 19th.

Prof Unger and Dr. Sukjit took part in the 61st anniversary celebration of KMUTNB on Feb. 19th. Prof. Unger also participate also grant the special gift (Honor Pin) for the honorable Alumni on stage. 

Prof.Unger and Prof.Meesad was visiting A.J.Sikan Kulchonchan (Vice President for International Affairs)

On February 7th Prof. Unger gave a 3 hrs lecture to BSc students of FITM on decentralised systems


Mr.Santipong Thaiprayoon, M.Sc.

He is an alumni of IT Faculty in 2007. He works as a researcher in NECTEC. Now, He applies to work with Prof.Unger in KN Department, FernUni Hagen, Germany as ” Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter ” For this opportunity allows him to work as a researcher together with his PhD.Thesis. 

Congratulation to Mr.Chalermpol Tapsai

His dissertation has been already submitted in the faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Fern University Hagen Germany on 14 January 2020. After the defense of his Doctorate in April 2020, he will be the first Binational degree holder of KMUTNB-FERNUNI very soon. 

His PhD thesis got positive reviews in Hagen, his PhD defense is expected on April 1st, Prof. Meesad will take part as second reviewer. The editor of the Springer series on Adavnces in Intelligent Computing  Janusz Kacprzyk agreed to publish the thesis within his SPRINGER series.