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KMUTNB-FERNUNI cooperation for February 2020

Here is a monthly report for KMUTNB-FERNUNI cooperation activities in February 2020.
1. Prof Unger and Dr. Panchalee are visiting KMUTNB between February 4th and March 7th
2. Both visit KMUTNB Campus in Prachinburi to discuss further cooperation, organization of NLIR as well
as progress in CreativeLab establishment during February 5-7th. Prof.Unger, Assoc.Prof.Dr.Anirach,
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Phayung and Asst.Prof.Dr.Akara will sign the cooperating agreement.
3. Dr. Panchalee clarified with local organizer (Assoc.Prof.Dr.Anirach and Aj.Beesuda) details on the
NLIR organization, things get more difficult since so far 58 (much more than expected) participants
are registered. Local Catering and housing are arranged and contracted, also the details of the Lab
Opening reception (with KMUTNB VP and DAAD Head of BKK) are fixed.
4. On February 7th Prof.Unger gave a 3 hourslecture to BSc students of FITM on “Decentralized Systems”
5. 2 Students of FITM (Mr. Supat Chuer-arsa and Ms.Siriruk Buranapas) were selected from a group of
4 applicants to be internship students at FernUni in Hagen in May-June 2020; under the finance
supported by Prof.Unger.
6. Dr.Chalermpol Tapsai (Binational PhD) got positive reviews in Hagen, his PhD defense is expected on
April 1st, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phayung will take part as second reviewer. The editor of the Springer series
on Advances in Intelligent Computing Janusz Kacprzyk agreed to publish the thesis within his
SPRINGER series.
7. Dr.Chalermpol Tapsai also will participate in the workshop of complex structures organized by
Prof.Unger between March 26th -30th, 2020 in Spain.
8. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phayung, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Anirach and Prof.Unger discussed in detail the progress of
TheBrain project and the Medical Recommender System. The core system is already in its final
implementation phase in Hagen by Supaporn and Santipong.
9. Dr. Panchalee re-worked websites of Thai-German PhD network at http://tg-phd.net/ and NLIR at
10. Mr.Nirach Romyen (IT-PhD student) will be the next student in Thai-German binational PhD program.
He had proposal exam on February 28th under supervision of Dr.Maleerat and Prof.Unger.
11 The idea of a German-spoken MSc study for recent KMUTNB BSc student’s in engineering makes
progress. Prof.Desel found finances for an initial pilot-group of 10-12 people. Dr. Panchalee discussed
with 3 language learning institutions in Bangkok opportunities to learn German language during the
3rd and 4th years of BSc education. Also she discussed with Prof.Unger, Assoc.Prof.Dr.Phayung,
Asst.Prof.Dr.Akara and Assoc.Prof.Dr.Anirach, possibilities for an information/advertising activity in
early May, since intended start for the pilot group would be in October 2020.
12. Prof.Unger applied for a 1-month guest scientist for Dr.Chalermpol Tapsai after his PhD defense.
13. Prof.Unger applied for a sabbatical in the winter semester 2020/21. In case of acceptance he intends
to work together with Assoc.Prof.Dr.Phayung and Assoc.Prof.Dr.Anirach at KMUTNB; a joint textbook
publication is in discussion.
Due to the coronavirus 2019 outbreak, for NLIR organizers observe the situation and stand in contact
with invited speakers, this also may affect the defense of Dr.Chalermpol Tapsai as well as the keeping of
the intended internships.

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