Cooperation Agreement

In lieu of concluding an individual contract for each candidate, KMUTNB and FernUni agreed on the following procedure.
  1. A candidate has to enrol as doctoral student at both universities according to the prevailing regulations.
  2. Indicating the intention to pursue a binational doctorate, the candidate has to pass the admission processes for doctoral programmes as established by the pertaining faculties of both universities.
  3. In the course of these admissions, from both universities one supervisor each is nominated and assigned to the candidate. 
  4. The candidate’s doctoral research work shall be conducted at both universities. 
  5. The respective examination regulations of both universities valid at the time of thesis submission determine the admission to thesis defence and how the latter is carried through.Stipulations (6) and (7) guarantee the reconcilability of both sides’ examination regulations. 
  6. As rapporteurs both supervisors are members of the examination committee at FernUni.
  7. The candidate’s thesis has to be orally defended both at KMUTNB and  FernUni.
  8. If the thesis has successfully been defended, the candidate is awarded the degrees Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) by KMUTNB, and Doctor rerum naturalium (Dr. rer. nat.) by FernUniversitätin Hagen.
  9. The respective examination regulations of both universities determine the modalities of submitting and publishing the thesis in its final form.